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DEMODYNE Charter for National Operators

Dear Friends, as you may already know, DEMODYNE is operated in each country by one or several local non-profit structure(s): the National Operator(s).
Responsibilities of the National Operator and interactions with our global parent structure, the Direct Governance Initiative (DirGovIn), are described in the DEMODYNE Charter below.
In short, the global team carries out the bulk of the work on the platform itself, improves the tool, and sets up strategic partnerships for international development.
Meanwhile, the local teams promote the platform, increase its national visibility and user base and ensure all national specificities are properly taken into account.
The terms of the charter are overseen by the entire DEMODYNE Community of users: we follow the principle of full transparency and direct governance.
All comments posted in this thread will be carefully reviewed and we will organize regular formal consultations to vote on new versions of the Charter.

Note: the share of national DEMODYNE revenues to be transferred to DirGovIn will be progressively decreased as the user base and revenues grow.
We just need enough to cover our fixed costs and pay the salaries of a small global team, and we want the local teams to be the first beneficiaries from the growth.

Thanks you all in advance for your contributions !  - Quentin


The Direct Governance Initiative grants to the signatory National Operator a licence to use the DEMODYNE brand and derive direct revenues from the DEMODYNE online platform on its assigned geographic territory. In return, the National Operator commits to a number of obligations, listed below.

Roles and Responsibilities of the National Operator (N.O.)
  • the N.O. must be a non-profit structure/entity duly registered according to locally applicable regulations
  • the N.O. must be financially and administratively independent from any corporation, government or third party. It must declare any conflicts of interests.
  • the N.O. collects all fees and donations from DEMODYNE users in its geographic territory and stores them in a dedicated bank account
  • the N.O. retains 90% of these collected funds (post-tax); all money retained must be used to pay for national/local development and maintenance costs of the DEMODYNE platform
    (these include salaries, national/local communication campaigns, live workshops, national server costs if applicable etc.)
  • the N.O. shall transfer the remaining 10% of the collected funds (post-tax) to the Direct Governance initiative (DirGovIn).
    The DirGovIn uses this money to pay for international development and maintenance costs of the DEMODYNE platform (these include salaries, IT development costs, international communication campaigns, live workshops, international server costs if applicable etc.). Note that DirGovIn is also non-profit.
  • the N.O. shall publish detailed accounting data on a publicly available website and the National Demodyne Forum
  • the N.O. is responsible for ensuring that the storage and use of personal data from the DEMODYNE users in its geographic territory complies with local regulations
  • the N.O. is not allowed to sell or communicate personal user data to any third party
  • the N.O. coordinates the adaptation of the interface and terminology of DEMODYNE to its national specificities
  • Should the N.O. fail to meet the above criteria and obligations, it commits to fully cooperate with DirGovIn in the process of transferring its responsibilities to another entity.

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